Thank you for requesting a copy of my special guide The 7 potholes of employment law and how to steer safely round them.

You can access this guide by clicking the link button to the right.

I would also like to take a moment of your time to introduce myself if this is the first time we have interacted! I am a dual qualified barrister and solicitor with over 18 years’ experience in helping businesses large and small to navigate the choppy waters of not only employment law but commercial and company law too. My approach for employment clients is to provide an “end to end” solution (from providing day to day HR support all the way to tribunal representation if necessary) and I am fiercely committed to building meaningful personal relationships with business owners and directors. One of the ways I do this is by offering a range of affordable fixed fee retainer based services which effectively brings me in-house as part of the team, thereby ensuring that your business is always protected from unjustified claims, is legally compliant to current best practice guidelines and never has to worry about spiralling costs.

To find out whether you think your business could benefit from my services I would like to invite you to a complimentary Bulldog HR “Steer Clear” session. This will include a brief review of your current key HR documents and a session up up to 40 minutes by phone or zoom/skype video call during which I will:

  • Spend up to 20 minutes reviewing documents you send in advance of the session
  • conduct a 10 minute fact find at the start of the call to gain an insight into your business and put your HR problems/needs into context
  • then identify relevant risks by going through the 7 potholes in light of the fact find to effectively gauge problem areas specific to your business, risk levels and where immediate action needs to be taken
  • give you some feedback on key HR documents as to current legal compliance and highlighting any major corrections which may need to be made following my review
  • introduce you to a strategy for creating a highly effective HR department solution at a fraction of what the costs would normally be

This service, worth up to £250 plus VAT of my professional time is yours for free and all you have to do to claim it is to either call me on 0203 137 55 65 or email

I look forward to hearing from you


What Next?

If you think your business may need a robust legal solution for an employment or commercial situation, pick up the ‘dog and bone’ and call now on 0203 137 55 65 or contact us to arrange a free initial ‘no nonsense’ telephone assessment call with our pedigree solicitor. You can also click here to download our free special guide for business owners: “The 7 potholes of employment law and how to steer safely round them”.