The seven potholes of employment law and how to avoid them: a special report for business owners

Bulldog Law helps SMEs navigate the complexities of employment legislation

Bulldog Law helps SME’s navigate the complexities of employment legislation and has compiled a free guide on seven of the most common and avoidable employment law mistakes made by businesses, which is available for you to download completely FREE of charge.

Employment law is complex and constantly changing, so it’s hard to keep on top of new legislation. It’s no wonder that people make mistakes, but getting things wrong can prove to be costly as the case examples and compensation levels summary in the guide show. Thanks to ‘google law’ workers are also more aware of their rights and are more likely to pursue claims than ever before, especially now that tribunal fees have been abolished.

This report is for you if you want to know:

  • what the consequences could be if you are not sure whether your current employment contracts and policies have been drafted properly or are currently fit for purpose
  • why you need a certain strategy to deal with cases of poor performance or high/intermittent absentee levels
  • about the potential cost of dismissing an employee or failing to deal with discrimination/harassment complaints in accordance with fair procedures and what to do to get it right
  • whether your current employment tribunal protection insurance will actually work as you need it to, or what your strategy should be if you don’t have this benefit
  • the risks and adverse consequences of being advised by an ‘HR consultant’ rather than a legally qualified and regulated professional in any dispute which ends up in a tribunal.

Bulldog Law is in business to protect your bottom line! As a firm specialising in employment law, we have experts who keep up to date with changes in legislation and recent court rulings. So as a first step to getting the protection your business deserves download our FREE report Seven potholes of employment law and how to avoid them

In the free guide you will learn about:

  • Our experience of the key problems and risks (“the potholes”) businesses face and their potential impact, to both finances and relationships, when internal HR systems do not work as they should or are not in place at all
  • Recommended tips to be able to navigate around them
  • Effective and affordable strategies to manage financial risk if things go wrong (including a consideration of the murky world of employer liability insurance!)

About the author

Michael Crilly is a solicitor who has been advising SME businesses since 1999. His clients not only benefit from his extensive legal knowledge and experience as a solicitor and employment tribunal advocate, but also from his substantial commercial and practical business experience gained both as a former in-house counsel to a leading international internet company, but also as an entrepreneur who set up his own London and Hertfordshire-based business, Bulldog Law in 2010 as a specialist practice, providing robust legal solutions and faithful service to SME and owner managed businesses in the fields of employment, company and commercial law.

Michael’s approach for business clients is to provide an “end to end” solution (from providing day to day company and commercial law, or HR, support all the way to court or tribunal representation if necessary) and is committed to building meaningful personal relationships with business owners and directors. He does this by offering a range of affordable fixed fee retainer-based packages which effectively brings him in-house as part of the team and ensures that his clients never have to worry about spiralling costs.

Michael is different in that not only is he a solicitor, but also a trained and experienced professional advocate. This is a specialised skill set and with his long experience of attending employment tribunals he is uniquely placed, unlike most solicitors or HR consultants, to be able to analyse the issues of a case at an early stage and advise confidently on the most effective approach to take in order to either avoid the prospect of litigation or to succeed in defending a claim or settling at an acceptable level and preserving the reputation of his client business.

Michael is also a member of the Law Society (the representative body for solicitors), the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn (one of the ‘Inns of Court’ in London to which barristers belong- Michael was called to the Bar in 1999) and the Employment Lawyers Association, the leading institution for employment barristers and solicitors, which aims to promote the best practice of employment law.