Bulldog Law Employment Services

Employment law is complex and constantly changing. Getting things wrong could prove to be costly.

As a firm specialising in employment law, we have experts who keep up to date with changes in legislation and recent court rulings. You can therefore be assured of getting accurate, impartial and jargon-free advice.

We are creative when it comes to finding solutions to the most complex legal problems and aim to minimise the risks facing your businesses.

How do we work?

If you have a specific problem, such as a dispute with an employee, we will:

  • make a full case assessment
  • give you clear advice on the options and risks
  • where possible, provide a realistic estimate of the likely costs.

We can act either on a “pay as you go basis” or a fixed fee retainer basis under our Bulldog HR scheme, which provides our clients, in effect, with the benefit of a dedicated in-house HR Department for a very affordable fixed price so that no matter how often you need to access it or what the problem is we will handle it from the start and keep you on the front paw i.e. before it festers, by which time it is often too late to properly comply with your legal obligations as an employer, thereby increasing business risk and cost.

We will also provide guidance and legal advice on what your general HR obligations are and give you step by step support on how you should go about implementing them.

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What Next?

If you think your business may need a robust legal solution for an employment or commercial situation, pick up the ‘dog and bone’ and call now on 0203 137 55 65 or contact us to arrange a free initial ‘no nonsense’ telephone assessment call with our pedigree solicitor. You can also click here to download our free special guide for business owners: “The 7 potholes of employment law and how to steer safely round them”.