Employment tribunals

Employment tribunals make decisions about employment disputes, including cases about unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination. There are also many other sorts of claim that can be brought.

Employees are more likely to resolve a dispute with their employer via an employment tribunal since tribunal fees were abolished in 2017. Should you be faced with an employment tribunal, we can advise and represent you.

In some cases, it maybe be commercially expedient to reach an early agreement. In others it may be worth fighting the claim. Either way, our expert solicitors can provide skilled and effective legal representation. We always handle every case with a practical, result-orientated approach which balances robust representation with a pragmatic costs sensitive approach to commercial and reputational factors.

Our fees are very competitive and affordable: our mission is ultimately to protect your bottom line and save you costs whenever possible.

Bulldog HR retainer clients can also enjoy complete peace of mind by having access to a discount of 20% off current rates for tribunal defence costs or an optional Employer Protection Insurance which means that in the event of a claim all legal costs and compensation award (or even settlement) amounts would be covered under the policy: in other words complete protection for your bottom line.

Please find here full details of typical costs and charges for employment tribunal proceedings services.

What Next?

If you think your business may need a robust legal solution for an employment or commercial situation, pick up the ‘dog and bone’ and call now on 0203 137 55 65 or contact us to arrange a free initial ‘no nonsense’ telephone assessment call with our pedigree solicitor. You can also click here to download our free special guide for business owners: “The 7 potholes of employment law and how to steer safely round them”.